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Edge Spreader Bar. This spreader bar is the ideal way to kick your naughty bedroom antics up a notch. This bar combines form and function with its sturdy aluminum construction, and sleek black design. It's sure to make an exciting addition to any toy collection.    



  • Adjustable Length: from 28.5 inches to 37 inches
  • Includes clips on each end to be used with Edge Wrist, Arm or Ankle Cuffs
  • Compatible with most cuffs
  • Nickle free
  • Sturdy construction


How to Use: Attach cuffs to the bar. Adjust the bar to the desired width, then attach the cuffs to either your partner's wrists or ankles.


Size and Materials: 

  • Nickel-Free Iron (bars, loops, pins)
  • Adjustable: 28.5 " to 37"


Cleaning and Care: Wipe the spreader bar down with a damp cloth if necessary. Can be taken apart for easy storage. 

Looking at the doors in your home, bet it never occurred to you that they could provide an excellent platform for adult games. Seriously! With a pair of Door Jam Cuffs by Sportsheets, you can use any door in your home as a bondage stage. Just Velcro the comfortable cuffs around wrists or ankles, slide the tubes and webbing over or under the door, latch it shut and you've got your partner restrained for all kinds of sexual fun!

Convert any king or queen size mattress into a bondage bed with Sportsheets Bondage Bedsheets. These covers fit around your mattress. You then attach the included velcro pads to the mattress sheet, and clip the included bondage cuffs to them. For people of any size and shape, and an unlimited variety of positions. Each kit includes 1 mattress slip, 4 anchor pads, 2 ankle cuffs and 2 wrist cuffs.

When restraining someone, always make sure that you can put a finger in between the cuff and the wearer's skin. Also, keep an eye out for pinched nerves or loss of bloodflow, and take the cuffs off immediately if that happens.

When playtime means tie-time, these comfortable, sturdy neoprene and Velcro Sports Cuffs really do the trick! They fit wrists and ankles, and can be used alone or with Tethers. A great option for vegan bondage enthusiasts!

Never tie someone so tight that you can't squeeze a finger in between the cuff and the wearer's skin. Also keep an eye out for pinched nerves or loss of blood flow.