Alternative Sex

Penetration, by toy or by flesh, vaginal or anal, can be awesome. If, however, you and your lover(s) are “in a sexual rut” and are in need of a lil’ motivation, especially when it’s been a while, penetration can

be intimidating to initiate. There are lots of great ways to reach orgasm without penetration which can be just as or even more awesome and are a great way to get back in the swing of things. Here are some things to try:

Nipple Play More and more women are opening up to the fact that they can orgasm by stimulating the nipples alone with your hands or mouth (or feet!) Why not give it a try?

Mutual Masturbation All hands on deck! This can be especially fun if you add a little role playing.

Frottage Rubbing the genitals together without penetration, as an act alone or as foreplay!

Mammary Intercourse In simple terms: Boob sex! Cleavage is a warm, soft space to explore. Make sure you have permission first!