Anal Douching

Since we are on the topic of sexual health this month, some tips on douching are quite relevant as keeping ones rectum happy is a large part of staying healthy.  Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you along:

-To avoid losing electrolytes, add 1 tsp of sea salt to 1qt of water.  Sea salt brings the enema closer to your own natural balance and helps to prevent your colon from absorbing too much water.  Less water absorption = Better cleansing.

-Complete your enema 2-3 hours before the big even, just in case and also, this gives your rectum some time to recover.

-Don’t have enemas too often, ie, everyday is too much, once a month is fine, every couple of weeks is also fine. 

-Would you drink your tap water?  If not, please refrain from putting it in your rectum.  Warm a bottle of distilled water and use that in the enema bag or syringe. 

-When cleaning your equipment, wash thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap or give it a good soak in hot soapy water.  Rinse thoroughly with plain water.  Air dry, but make doubly sure all the equipment, especially the bag, is completely dry so as not to promote growth of mold and mildew.

-Don’t share enema equipment with another person or orifice!

-Eat plenty of legumes, whole grains, leafy greens and fiber to keep your system clear and happy.
-If you must use soap, use something like liquid castile soap as it is the gentlest.  And only use a few drops, we’re not having a bubble bath here!

-Never use a vaginal douche for anal douching and vice versa.

-Read and follow all instructions that come with your enema kit or equipment.

-If you’re going to use anything other than the 2 enemas talked about here, don’t unless you’re under the supervision of a health care provider.