Anywhere you want...

Shake up your sexual behavior and amaze your lover with just 10 minutes of lovin’. The catch is - no matter how tempted you both may get, do not allow each other to reach orgasm. Steal a few moments of your time together for some quick and heavy action, and feel the benefits much, much longer!

Try these scenarios for starters:

Before you both start your day, spend a short amount of time (about 10 minutes or less) getting each other aroused. Move into a position that has you facing each other, maintain eye contact, and go straight to penetration. Revel in your early-morning closeness, but keep it brief, and don’t climax!

If you’re driving to meet friends for dinner somewhere, arrive a bit early and stay in the car. Stimulate each other using only your hands, stroking each other’s erogenous zones (try stroking your partner’s clit or cock while kissing the back of their neck). Again, keep under 10 minutes, and don’t orgasm!

To add edge to the event, try this trick somewhere you’ve never made love before – your kitchen floor, a forest glen, or even in a restaurant’s bathroom!

The intention of these encounters is to form a strong sexual bond with each other; this is not about orgasm or ejaculation. Practice this behavior to raise your sexual energy, increase sexual compatibility with your partner and even raise your testosterone levels (in both women and men).