Artist Curtis Hoines now on display at The Art of Loving

Curtis Hoines

Painting has been a profound interest to Curtis since his childhood. Born in Calgary, Alberta, he began painting signs and murals at an early age of 12. Throughout school his skills continued to develop through art classes and self study. Realism and comic illustration using pencil and ink were his two favorite things to do.

Curtis’ passion for art has a never ending battle to aim for perfection of beauty and bringing fascination to the people who see his pieces. In 2006, Curtis went to explore modern figurative art painting. In most of his work, the sophisticated beauty of a woman’s face and body appears to be the elemental figures. He uses acrylic painting and gels on canvas, often layered with sprayed or airbrushed transparent color to achieve desired texture and effects. As with much of his work, fascination remains an underlying theme.