Aural Sex

Looking for a new intimate foreplay activity to entice your lover? Something which can be a boundless turn on is hearing your lover’s voice recount some of your favorite erotica. Pick up your most worn and well-loved book of erotic short stories, or maybe something you have written yourself, and read a passage to your partner. See how far you can get before the book gets carelessly tossed aside in favor of heartier pursuits.

Sounds (particularly your partner’s voice) are erotic triggers which can be unfortunately overlooked in favor of more visual stimuli. Unless you’re in a library you can make all the noise you want. Reading erotica to each other is a great way to bring that oft neglected sense back into the sexual play ring. Experiment with the tone and diction to find your best “sexy voice” and don’t forget the suspenseful pauses for dramatic effect! Reading aloud is an art form, you may even find yourself aroused by narrating your own sexual scenes.