Bachelorette Ideas

1) Suck it for a Buck - A Bachelorette Staple! All you need is a white t-shirt for the Bachelorette and some hard candies. Take a little water and stick them all over the shirt as well as writing the statement "Suck it for a Buck". Have the Bachelorette wear the shirt out and collect the money for each person who sucks off a candy!

2) Naughty Scavenger Hunt - Another Bachelorette party game staple is the Naughty Scavenger Hunt. Send the bride-to-be on a scavenger hunt to come back with items such as a man's underwear, ask a man for a shot of "sex on the beach", dance with a man with the same name as her fiancé, etc.

3) Reverse Mardi Gras - Have the Bachelorette showered in Mardi Gras Beads and ask the men to take off their shirts for a strand of beads. A great way to give those men some of their own medicine!

4) Bachelorette Haze - Have each of the girls give the Bachelorette a "dare" to do with the Bachelorette doing each one. For those "dares" she does not complete, she will have to either purchase a beverage for the dare-er or apologize to the "crowd" for not doing the dare. For instance, if one girl asks the Bachelorette to find a guy with a condom in his wallet, she can do the dare (set a time limit) or stand up at the bar/restaurant and say to everyone "I am sorry but I failed/was too embarrassed to find a guy with a condom so I am publicly apologizing to my friend _______." Make sure to create realistic dares and not ones that are too crazy (unless the Bachelorette can handle it)

5) I Never! - The rules for this game are simple: Each contestant admits something they've never done. For example, "I never went to a bar without underwear." Anyone who has ever left the house to do a little cruising commando has to drink. You are perfectly free to say you've never done something that you actually have -- as long as you drink anyway. Hilarity will be the order of the evening as everyone watches who is taking a drink.

The key to this game is creativity. Think of the most bizarre things you've never -- or ever -- done. You may learn more about each other than you ever wanted to know, which is the whole point of this game.