Bachelorette Season

Nope, we’re not talking about the hit “reality” show. Tis the season for weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, showers, and let’s not forget that it seems like half of your friends are all of a sudden soon-to-be parents!
Believe it or not, there are ways to make such events a blast! At The Art of Loving, we offer private seminars like Giving Good Head, All About the G-Spot, Sex Toys 101, and more! We’ve also teamed up with the Donnelly Group to offer a ride to one of their venues!
We will happily gift wrap your gifts for any occasion from simple wrapping paper and ribbon to beautiful large baskets for multiple items.
Last but not least, we have lots of party supplies to make your party as bright and hilarious as possible including bachelorette sashes, naughty tiaras, dirty playing cards, and much more.