Be My (Sexy) Valentine

Planning a fancy dinner, chocolate and flowers for Valentine's day? Well we say "Yaaawn" to that! This year make it really special by pampering each other's senses. There is nothing

more romantic and sexy than bringing the mind and body to life by incorporating pleasant smells, tastes, skin to skin contact and laughter in your evening's plans. Consider planning a date that involves:

Warm bath or shower together: This can be a super simple and hot shower together or a long scented bubble bath with the works! (Check out our waterproof vibrators for a little extra somethin'somethin')

Oils: Blindfold your partner and make them smell various massage oils. They get to try and guess the scent! You can later use these oils for a massage.

Board Games: Games are a great way to get you to communicate and laugh together!

Before, after, or during a massage use a feather on your lover's body. This will send shivers down their spine and awaken the senses.

Head Massage: Sounds like something you'd get at the doctor's, right? Wrong! Try this amazing scalp massager and you'll feel like you're getting a mini-orgasm on your head.