Bi, Hung, Fit...Married!

In this risqué one-man show, Writer and Performer Mark Bentley Cohen explores the bounds of commitment, love, and acceptance. "Our marriage is over." Marco announces to Gabrielle. And she agrees. Together the couple

pushes their old relationship over a cliff, only to discover it has wings.

They embark upon an erotic journey of sexual exploration where they're perplexed by the counter-intuitive discoveries they make along the way. How is it that opening their relationship can lead to ever-deepening levels of intimacy?

BHF+M premiered at last year's Vancouver International Fringe Festival, where it received a rousing response. The brutal honesty of this play is the reason for its universal appeal: queer, straight, old, young, married, divorced and single, reactions are overwhelmingly positive.

BHF+M is based upon writer/performer MBC's personal experiences, and is meant to inspire others who are faced with similar issues, offering a glimmer of hope that they too can find love and a satisfying partnership, regardless of sexual orientation, or desire.

Queer Arts Festival, 2013
July 25, 27, 28 – Q&A with the couple will follow each show.