The Big O

Here at the Art of Loving we think its super sexy for people to have healthy, satisfying orgasms. Many guys cum with ease and confidence thanks to many years of

happy masturbation, but we gals can sometimes find orgasm difficult – either because of body issues, unsatisfying sexual relations, religious / conservative upbringing or shameful feelings. Here are a few tips down the road to The Big "O":

1. Know your vagina: Take the time to caress and massage it. Look at it using a hand mirror. Go online and find an anatomical diagram that outlines the vagina and all its parts, or come on down to the store and look at our selection of books like Becoming Orgasmic or Vaginas: An Owners Manual.

2. Masturbate: Many women experience intense pleasure and orgasm during masturbation. Knowing how to pleasure yourself is key because then you can teach someone else how to pleasure you. Tickle your Fancy is a great book for techniques and tricks and Sex for One is a great resource to help your journey to the joy of self-loving. Explore you’re pleasure!

3. Relaxation: Too much muscle tension can inhibit orgasm. Breath deeply, enjoy these feelings, and relax your body during sex or masturbation. You deserve it!

4. Try a vibrator: Fingers and intercourse can be an excellent way to orgasm, and a vibrator is an addition to the orgasm possibilities awaiting you. A vibrator comes in many sizes, shapes and speeds. Try introducing one into your masturbation sessions slowly, massaging your entire body, and then moving down to your sweet spot for that buzzzzzz….vibes can also be a great toy for partner sex!

5. Try different positions: When you’re with a partner try sexual positions where the clitoris is accessible. With the woman on top you and your partner can access the clit. Doggy style sex gives your partner a chance to reach underneath for you’re clit. Explore sexual positions and don’t ever be afraid to ask for clitoral stimulation!

6. You Deserve Pleasure: It can sometimes be difficult for gals to except pleasure – from themselves or they’re partners – maybe we were taught that women give pleasure, or maybe if we’ve never had an orgasm we believe that we’ll never have one so what’s the point of trying. Remember your pleasure is not wrong, and you deserve it, so relax into that pillow and enjoy princess!

Recommended Resources available on the books section of our online store:

Becoming Orgasmic
by Julia R. Heiman, Ph.D. and Joseph LoPiccolo, Ph.D.

Vaginas: An Owners Manual by Dr. Carol Livoti and Elizabeth Topp

Tickle your Fancy
by Sadie Allison

Sex for One: The Joy of Self Loving
by Betty Dodson, Ph.D.

Orgasms: How to Have Them, Give Them, and Keep Them Coming
by Lou Paget