Choose Eco and Body Friendlier Toys.


When choosing a new toy its important to pay attention to the various materials that your new buddy could be made of, most important when choosing a soft toy. When talking about softer toys, there are generally 8 different materials that your new toy could be made of. So take a moment and peruse the options, we think Silicone, Elastomer, TPR and Vixskin Silicone are really the way to go in terms of eco and body friendlier materials.

- Silicone

Non porous and hypoallergenic, easy to clean, phthalate free (plastic softener), no smell. Can be boiled to clean or thrown in the dishwasher, durable and long lasting. Not compatible with silicone lubes.

- VixSkin Silicone

Non porous and hypoallergenic, just like typical Silicone but with more realistic qualities. Also has a lifetime guarantee from Vixen Creations.

- Elastomer

Phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, soft, and durable but this material IS porous and not possible to disinfect, so sharing with partners is a no- no unless using a condom (or already fluid bonded). Clean with soap and water.

- Silicone/Rubber mixes

Pure Silicone is non porous and hypoallergenic but when you mix Silicone with other things such as Jelly Rubber, you lower the grade of the Silicone. Anything labeled “Silicone” rather than “100% Silicone” should be treated as Jelly because it will now be porous and quite possibly have phthalates in it. Use with a non lubricated condom and wash with soap and water, do not boil.

- Jelly Rubber

Definitely will have Phthalates in it as well as being porous and cannot be disinfected. If you MUST purchase one of these toys, use a non lubricated condom over it so that you have less chance of coming in contact with those yucky Phthalates.

- Cyberskin

Also made of porous material containing Phthalates and not possible to disinfect. Use with a non lubricated condom and use only water based lubes with this type of material. Cyberskin is very lifelike in texture and density. Dust with Cornstarch to keep it from getting sticky.

- Soft Vinyl

Vinyl is like a mid point between Silicone and Jelly, it is less porous than jelly (but not 100% like Silicone) but it will last longer than a jelly, although not as long as Silicone. You cannot boil Vinyl, wash with soap and water.

- TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)

Phthalate free, lightweight, flexible and easy to wash.