Cleaning and Care

A lot of people who are sex toy nerds much like the staff here at the art of loving know a fair bit about sex toy care but not everyone has the same crazy amounts of dildo knowledge. So we decided to compile the basics here to get you started. Our first tip is toy cleaning and care. You will often hear about toy cleaners and those are great for cleaning your favourite dildo or plug but you can often also boil your toys if they are of the right material. %100 silicone toys or stainless steel toys can be boiled for 3 minutes to fully sanitize them. Our second tip is for lube choices. Silicone toys can not be mixed with silicone lube which is a bummer because silicone lube can be great for anal play because it doesn't dry out like water based. Our solution is to try out a hybrid lube. A hybrid is still water based but has a touch of silicone that adds longevity but doesn't damage silicone toys so it's great for longer play or anal play