Do you ever feel that if you could buy anything it would be time…?

Time is free it is the effort doesn’t come cheap.

Here are some tips below that can enhance the time you spend with your parner that are priceless and worth the effort.

Bath Together:

What a better place to slow down than in the bath or shower. Water is a very sensual place to be with your partner, it is warm and relaxing and a good place to get started or finish up.

Step one: Set the mood - what a compliment

Lighting, scents and ambience are more important than we might think. By taking the time to set the mood for your partner, you are sending him or hera message that says…" You are worth every moment and I was thinking about you the entire time."

Use rose petals, candles, incense, soft fabrics to make the mood. When you wear something different, sexy, or well -made it says you want to impress your partner.

Step two: Touching and eye contact –marathon time

Remember when your partner looked you straight in the eye and your whole body blushed. Go back there and stay a while build on this by continually touching your partner. Use the water and your hands to find all the places your partner likes to be touched, tickled or licked. Try massage oil and working out there stresses of the day. if that isn’t enough try our vibrating rubber duck.

Step three: Use your mouth

– It is said to take 10 positive things to overpower 1 negative

Now that you are both relaxed and feeling safe and and ready for fun….

Flirt - go back and forth with each other all of the things that drive you wild or at least make you smile about one another. Use this time to talk to your partner about his or her body, share information abour yours. This is a great opportunity to discuss something new you would like to to try or somethings you would like to do differently.

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