Doxa Film Festival - Silver Girls Screening

Thursday - May 12th, 2013 -  9:15 PM @ Vancity Theatre

In Silver Girls, Saara Aila Waasner's intimate and artfully shot documentary, we follow the everyday lives of three Berliners who earn a living as sex workers. If it looks like they could be grandmothers, it's because, well, they are.

"We accompany the gentlemen to bed... and beyond," says Paula, 49, in a whispery voice. She runs a bordello — homely and adorned with fresh tulips — although in her off time, she dreams of escaping the city, and in the interim finds a calm delight in watching airliners take flight. Karolina, 64, looks to be a modern day Cruella de Vil with her sophisticated furs and intimidating stature. But this is fitting, given her work as a dominatrix, in which patrons pay to be called a "slave." Lastly, there's Christel, 58, who we learn, in an honest moment, was pre-orgasmic until the age of 49. Sex workers have long had to justify their profession, but Silver Girls requires no such thing, showing off these women's surprisingly conventional routines, which include early morning runs, salsa dancing at a bustling neighbourhood dancehall, and frequent visits to the local video store. The services they render are called simply, their "work," but such work doesn't define who they are.