The first pornographic novel was written by John Cleland, first published in England in 1748. Erotic film production began almost immediately after the invention of the motion picture in 1895. Men and women have been using

modern technology as a gateway to erotica for a long time. Even with that being the case, a lot of us seem to be holding back in exposing ourselves to porn. More and more erotica is being made tastefully and more diverse sexuality is being explored.

Recently, a female friend of mine approached me for some advice because she found that looking at sexy photos did nothing for her. She was having trouble getting herself riled up enough to masturbate and her libido was suffering for it. I introduced her to a little video that had very little visuals, but focused mainly on sounds. In the darkness, you could see silhouettes move about and hear the sounds of a couple getting it on. A few days later I asked her if she had any luck and she answered by blushing. The lesson learned is that there really is something out there for everyone in all shapes and forms.

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