Erotica and More: DVDs to Spice Things Up

Xana and Dax: When Opposites AttractWant to bring home something besides Harry Potter this Friday? Maybe you should pick something up from The Art of Loving. There is a plethora of DVDs to choose from nowadays, and we at The Art of Loving are more than willing to help you distinguish between the many choices available to you. We have titles available for purchase and to rent. Find below a description of the basic types of films at the store along with some titles to heat up your next movie night…

How To’s
How To’s are instructional videos that cover a variety of topics from oral sex, anal sex and genital massage to Tantric Sex, BDSM and more.

These videos help you buck up on your sexual skills, get sexual information, and move into sexual arenas that may seem intriguing but confusing to you. Often they use real-life couples with real bodies, so if you’re looking for explicit sex minus the boob jobs, this might be the answer. Often How To’s feature sex scenes alongside verbal instruction, and so they teach you techniques while being visually arousing. Nina Hartley, a registered nurse turned sex star, makes excellent How To’s. Her videos have an educational component during which she demonstrates on a partner, and often her titles have porn scenes meant to titillate and arouse!

Christine's Secret
Female Directors / Producers
Porn films with female directors and/or producers are usually more plot driven, with characters that the viewer can identify and sympathize with. Sex scenes involve more kissing, foreplay and fondling, and in order to appeal to women, cast more attractive males than in mainstream porn. You’re not likely to find many ‘money shots’ in female directed / produced porn, although you may find more female ejaculation. Some have natural looking bodies, but many still use shaven pussies and fake boobs. Candida Royalle is one of our faves in this genre. A former porn star turned porn producer, her films are more women friendly with the perfect mix of plot and wild wonderfully shot sex scenes.

A look into the history of porn flicks, Classics can be arousing and intellectually stimulating. We have Venus in Furs, an erotic film made in the 1970’s, which is often referred to as the Golden Age of Pornography. With high budgets, plot, natural bodies, and film quality, these films can be entertaining while adding heat to your evening. We also have some great Bettie Page films, and some compilations of 1940’s and 50’s pornography. These films are found only in our rental program.


Hot Documentaries
Didn’t think a documentary could be hot? Well, think again. We have a few documentaries on pornography as well as sexuality that are sure to fire up the intellect and excite the body. We have two documentaries on former porn star, performance artist, and sex advocate Annie Sprinkle, including one scene where she demonstrates a 5 minute orgasm….See also the O Tapes, a spoken word odyssey that interviews women of all ages, races and sexual orientations in an attempt to demystify the female orgasm. If you’re looking for something a little more racy, check out our documentary of The Suicide Girls Tour, a tour of burlesque dancers, complete with sexy burlesque scenes and interviews with the beautiful Suicide Girls during their cross country tour. We have some of these titles for sale and all of them are available in our rental program.