Expanding your relationships

This month, we take a look at the relationships we’ve had in the past and the ones we have now. There has been a lot of talk about mono vs poly, who’s right, who’s wrong, what works and what doesn’t work. On October 28th, Vancouver will have the opportunity to host the authors of

the book Sex at Dawn for a reading, a Q+A and a book signing.

The buzz on the subject of fidelity, sex, relationships and family has been noticeably increasing. If you’ve always had an urge to talk to your partner about the possibility of having a threesome, or joining other couples in playtime, maybe it’s time to start the ball rolling? It isn’t always (or ever, really.) an easy subject to tackle, but you can make it fun! Try going out for a coffee with your sweetie and people watch. Tell each other who you find attractive, or who you’d like to have a play date with.

Maybe you’ve done some research and really feel that you would be happier sharing your love, your body, and your time with multiple people? If you’re ready to talk to your current partner about it, help them understand how you feel by sharing the same resources you used in your own research.

Not sure where to start? There are plenty of books and events available in Vancouver to help you!