Expert Guide To Fellatio

Afraid to give a BJ outdoors? Feel like an expert and perform delicious fellatio anywhere! Taught by sex expert Tristan Taormino and demonstrated with knowledge and skill by

enthusiastic couples. Learn, experience, and enjoy oral pleasure, by experts.
Women attend a fellatio workshop lead by sex expert Tristan Taormino, where she teaches about male sexual anatomy and offers explicit advice and detailed examples to improve and enhance your oral sex skills. She welcomes her co-hosts Roxy and Christian who then demonstrate various techniques for the crowd.
After the workshop, we meet Kaiya and Alec, who discuss their thoughts about oral sex and share some of their tips and tricks for maximum pleasure. Next, we meet Lindsey and Marcos and watch as they explore this intimate activity with an incredible display of honesty, vulnerability, and intensity. Alec returns, this time with gorgeous blond Adrianna, and she demonstrates several elements of advanced oral sex, including deep throat techniques.

Each featured couple shows off a different style of fellatio - from sensual and seductive to sloppy and submissive. Discover more about prostate stimulation, fellatio on an uncircumcised penis, and safer sex tips in the mini-features included as extras on the DVD.

**Innovative new format: watch the scenes with or without instruction
**Dynamic on-screen graphics that highlight creative tips and tricks to help guide the viewer in the learning experience
**Narration by Sex Expert Tristan Taormino

Available for rent in store $6/ 2 nights or to purchase $49.95