Finding your Sexual Voice

Our society often teaches us to rein our verbal enthusiasm during our sexual practice – for the sake of “decorum” – and thus our pleasure. This learned habit isn’t all bad: out of necessity we often learn to breathe deeply, moan softly, and sigh heavily in response to our pleasure. Once we are conditioned to muffle our pants and bite back our cries, it may become difficult to allow ourselves to fully express enjoyment with a lover. Maybe the kids are sleeping down the hall, or maybe we’re not sure how our partner will respond to a breathless muttering of “it feels so good when you…”

Your noises are bliss boost: using our vocal chords encourages deeper breathing, making the orgasmic experience richer and fuller.

Your voice is empowering! Find your voice on your own - moan, groan, use words, scream…experiment with different sounds to find your greatest release. Even if you are living with others who you may not want to broadcast your experience to, it’s possible to vocalize your ecstasy. Crank up a boom-box in the bedroom and let your roomies, family or weekend guests know that you’re going to have a lie-down before dinner… or wait til they are out of the house and get comfy.

Your voice is unique! Your lover is the privileged person that you have chosen to share them with. Listening to you, your honey will be overjoyed to delve deeper into all the nooks and crannies that make you go “ooohhmmm”! Likewise, your sweetie will be even more excited by your ministrations your own pleasure in attending to their luscious selves is heard.

So let your lover know what you like, let your lover know that you enjoy lapping up all their delicious juices, and let yourself know that your body deserves all this love! Whether with a mellow sigh or with a cry to the heavens, your voice welcomes pleasure into your body and mind.