Free Sexy Photos of You In Your Wedding Dress!

The Art of Loving is starting an exciting new service, where a professional photographer takes pictures of you in your wedding finery, with a twist! The images are very sexy and taken in various stages of undress or with some lingerie showing. This is a great oppourtunity to get some more milage out of that wonderful gown, and makes a great gift for your mate. You don't need to be a new bride, get that dress out of the attic and revisit the excitement of wearing that special dress!

Before we can launch the service, we need some sample images, and this is where you come in! You bring the wedding gown and the smiles, we will provide an experienced professional photographer! The images can be taken in his studio or at your home. We will provide you with a disc of all the images. This is completely free to you, all we ask is permission to use some of the images in our promotional material.

Please contact with your contact details, and she will discuss this exciting prospect with you.