Fun and Games

Bored? Play a game! No, I don’t mean whip out your old Monopoly set or sit down for a 7 hour game of Risk. There are plenty of sexy board games out there for couples to play. Whether you want to gaze into your lover’s eyes over a romantic candle lit game or to try out some new kinky tricks, there’s one out there for you. Here at The Art of Loving, we carry a variety of juicy games. Here is a guide to help you pick the right

one for you: 

Romantic Games

Enchanted Evening: A card game designed to create a romantic evening for two. Move around the board and let the cards direct your actions both verbal and physical.

Embrace: The game can be played on three different levels. To enrich the romantic aspects of your relationship, play with the “Lovey Dovey” cards. For a more sensual physical experience, choose “Close Encounters”, and for an all out hot and sexy evening, choose the “Sexstacy” cards.

Synchrohearts: is a game about love that is designed to help improve your relationship and takes less than one hour to play. You and your partner play it together, traveling along the heart-shaped path and sharing intimacy and romance.

Kinky Games

The Fetish Game: Explore your sexual fetishes with the Fetish Board Game. Choose your path based on which popular sexual fetish you want to explore: Food, Feet, Voyeurism, or Domination.

General Sexy Fun

A Hot Affair: This fun and sexy fantasy game for two was the winner of the 2002 Adult Game of the Year award. It’s great for an evening of love, laughter, and lust.

Sensation: Compete with your partner, winning challenges for sensual, sexy, or romantic favour coupons! This game has everything you need for a sensual evening, including massage oil, a vibrating stimulator, a blindfold, and an hourglass timer.

Nookii: Add a bit of fun to the private time that couples share. Play with your partner, following the instructions on the “Mmm”, “Ooh” or “Aah” cards.

Foreplay Glow Dice: One die tells you what to do, and the other tells you which body part to do it to! Every roll leads to a different sensual or sexual move.