You may have seen the hilarious video where a woman explains how to give your man an extra special hand job using a grapefruit. Like us, you may have thought it was a joke. I thought for a laugh I would blindfold my partner and try it.

What we didn’t expect was that he absolutely loved it. Blindfolding him is crucial as grapefruit dick looks ridiculous.

1) Buy grapefruit.

2) Leave it on the window sill in the sun to warm it up.

3) Cut the ends off.

4) Cut through it a few times so his penis will comfortably fit in it.

5) Tuck a towel under him, so the juice doesn't get in his butt.

6) Blindfold him.

7) Slide it up and down his shaft.

8) Lick the juices off his balls for your daily Vitamin C and if his head fits through the top, suck on that too.

9) Stock up on grapefruit.