A hot and tasty night awaits you

Valentine’s day is not only a celebration of mutual affection but a proclamation of our inherent eroticism and desirability. What better way to express this than by telling your beloved, “Eat me.”

Push a jar of liquid chocolate and a paint brush across the dinner table at dessert. Lead your partner to bed, gently place a blindfold across their eyes and maybe even tie their ankles and wrists, if they are comfortable with such restraint.

Now you have an open canvas to play with. Tease and tantalize their skin with a swatch of satin or feather (ostrich is big and soft) and if your hair is long, drag it slowly all their body from their head to toes.

Then take out your paints and draw pictures of pleasure on your beloved -hearts, words and languishing circles, leaving no section of the body neglected.

If you have a string of pearls or round gems, see saw them between her legs from lubricated clit to anus; she will delight in the sensations. A string of pearls on him can be a tantalizing variation of the hand job. Just hang it between your hand as you stroke him.

He can also be put to simmer with the slow buzz of your vibrator along his shaft and at his perineum- the space between his scrotum and anus.

If both agree and the lighting is agreeable, snap some photos to act as invites at your next private date!

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