Keep It Funny

Sex can be a very serious thing. It can also be a hilarious, blooper-moment kind of thing. A lot can go wrong when two or more separate bodies come into such close contact and contort themselves into such interesting positions. As an alternative to

being embarrassed or feeling frustration, which can ruin the mood for yourself and your partner, keep your head up high and have a laugh or two! To prepare you (y’know, mentally) here’s a list of potentially embarrassing/funny things that might happen during sex. When (not if) any of these happen just remember to laugh it off!
- Entering through the wrong door.
- Gas. It happens to everyone. Out of everywhere. Sneezing too.
- Cell phones. They ring, they dial, and they LOVE to leave messages.
- Your cat, dog, hamster, goldfish stares at you. Judgingly.
- Cockring, vibrator, or any other toy getting entangled in hair.
- Lube or massage oil spill.
- You might fall out of your bed and that’s okay. You might also hit your head, nudge your funny bone, or accidentally hit your partner with just about any body part.
- Yelling out something you didn’t mean to.
- Being walked in on by ANYBODY.