Kissing is all too often ignored, over looked, and underestimated. Kissing is not only important for intimacy and closeness, but it can also be damn sexy! Don’t let yourself be a

victim of bad kissing or lack of kissing and remember that kissing, like sex, is a skill. There are 100 times more nerve endings in your lips than in your finger tips. Use that to your advantage!

Keep kissing throughout love making, not just in the beginning. You might be surprised at how well your bodies will move together to keep those lips locked.

Bonobos do it to ease tension. Tigers do it to clean each other. Other species do it to learn each others scent. We humans do it for a lot of different reasons but whatever your reason, kissing can often be the make or break in a relationship (no matter how long or short the relationship may be!) so keep on sharing the love. Or, at least, the kisses!

If you want some extra pointers, check out our KISSING CLASS coming up!