Mini Guide to Sensual Massage

At TAOL we want our customers to feel sexy, vibrant and refreshed…and a sensual massage is a sure fire way to invoke these amazing feelings! We’ve compiled a few sultry tips for your next rub and oil session:

1. Set the scene: Light some candles and some incense. Have your supplies, such as oil, lube, and any toys you may wish to incorporate close at hand. Lay out a towel on the bed, have plenty of pillows handy and wash those hands!!

2. Bathing: A pre-massage bath or shower is a perfect way to get into the mood. Wash your lover and see how they melt into your willing hands!

3. Use those hands!: In Taoist massage there are more than four hand positions for different massages so use your entire hand, palm and fingers add stimulation. Don’t be afraid to use gentle pressure through the hands and ask if you think you’re pressing to hard. You’re partner will let you know what feels good, or you’ll be able to tell from the moans and groans…

4. Know when NOT to massage: Listen to your partner and their needs. Never massage if your partner is sick or has a skin infection, if there is any back pain or injuries. Consult a doctor if in doubt.

5. Variation: Vary speed, tempo and placement of the hands. Squeeze, stroke, prod, push, press, pet, caress and any other adjective you can think of! Experiment in order to find out what feels good!

6. Think of your Body too!: Find comfortable positions for you to stay in while massaging your partner. Take care of your back, legs and arms by not straining yourself.

Tips for Choosing the Right Oil
There are a number of fabulous massage oils on the market and it is largely a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing one. However, it is important to remember the difference between a body massage and a genital massage. Oils and oil based products are fabulous for their glide, moisturizing properties and fragrences, but when it comes to genital massage here are a few things to remember.

1) Oils are not latex compatible, so if you are planning on your massage continuing into some other intimate expressions you may wish to consider using a silicone lubricant (they feel like oil but are latex and vagina compatible). A popular option is the Jo Silicone Lube/Massage oil.

2) The vagina doesn't get along very well with oils. There is a potential for bacteria and yeast to build up and cause some unpleasantness, so keep massage oils for everywhere but the genitals and use a water or silicone based lube for vulva massage.

Find out more from these tantalizing reads at TAOL

Erotic massage: the touch of love by Kenneth Ray Stubbs Ph.D with Louise-Andree Saulnier
The Tao of Sexual Massage by Stephen Russell and Jugen Kolb
Sensual Massage for Couples by Gordon Inkles

Or Enjoy an Evening of Educational Entertainment with a DVD (rent or buy)

The Joy of Erotic Massage by the Sinclair Institute
The Best of Vulva Massage by Joseph Kramer
Anal Massage for Relaxation and Pleasure by Joseph Kramer

If you want an instructive seminar, check out the following:

Erotic Massage (women only)
John Ince, founder of The Erosha School ( has trained professional erotic masseurs and will show you their secrets. You will learn much more than manual techniques, including how to set the stage for the experience, how to tease and tantalize, and how to communicate during the event. With these skills you can give your man an evening he will never forget!

Erotic Massage (men only)
Give your woman an evening of sensual pleasure. Rev up her erotic engines. Learn the art of erotic ceremony, the ultimate in foreplay. John Ince will show you how to conduct an erotic event your partner will never forget. Get tips on the fine points of female genital massage, on ways to cultivate trust and intimacy, and on the simple sensual accessories that are sure to stir her passion.

Sensual Massage for Lovers (couples) $59/couple
Every loving relationship is greatly enhanced when partners are willing to learn the delights of sensual touching and make these skills part of their loving repertoire.This workshop introduces you to the basics of sensuous touch. You and your partner will have the opportunity to give and receive a brief massage in a respectful, safe and fun atmosphere with like minded people. Couples of all genders and orientations are welcome. Oils and creams will be provided. Bring two large cotton sheets, a towel, water and wear comfortable clothing.