Needs Diverse People

The Sex Goddess Project is the first ever Canadian photography project depicting women and transpersons of all shapes and sizes and colours and ages celebrating their sexuality authentically without shame and apology. 

This work is a very diverse, sex-positive and body-positive project that pushes back against slut-shaming and challenges the way sex is depicted.

We need more women of colour, women over 60, pregnant women, women with mastectomies, physically challenged women, Trans women or Trans men.

All shapes, sizes, gender identities and colours and ages are welcome.

Here is an article in The Vancouver Courier

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You can listen to two radio interviews about the project here:

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You can read articles about the project and look at all the pages at There are almost no sex goddess photos available to the general public but you can look at a few on If interested in inquiring about being photographed for the project please do use the contact page at