New Seminar - Live Vulva Massage

A vulva massage is a powerful way to love and connect with the woman in your life. It is perhaps the most effective way to improve sexual health and pleasure. If you are having orgasms then vulva massage will help you have even stronger more fulfilling orgasms. Or, if your orgasms have been limited by injury or stress, then vulva massage will help you get them back. In this class, you’ll witness a live demonstration and learn the foundational skills and expert secrets for giving an exquisite vulva massage. For men and women.



Kirohn Bouris is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Tantric Instructor with a full time teaching, bodywork and coaching practice. He teaches the arts of erotic embodiment and intimacy through massage, breathwork, awareness, and sensual communication skills. He is passionate about creating safe, professional, erotic learning environments.