New Year's resolutions!

Resolved to be a better lover?
Here are 10 sexy tips:

During foreplay, choose a body part you haven’t given much thought in the past, like your honey’s feet or back, and lavish it with kisses, gentle strokes, tickles, warm breath…

Now that they’re panting with pleasure and anticipation, ramp up the sensation play by alternating between dry, feathery kisses with your soft lips, and juicy, wet licks with your sensuous tongue.

Take it a step further with temperature play - blow cool on the spots you’ve licked to make your sweetie shiver, then breathe hot to warm their stimulated skin.

Use a silky scarf, a tie or a sleeping-mask to blindfold your lover, and proceed to delight their senses beyond their wildest expectations. With their vision blocked, every sensation will be heightened…

Ramp it up a notch by restraining her or him - with their hands tied, they can only lie back and enjoy!

Show your appreciation. If something your lover is doing is sending tingles down your spine, tell them - right there, right then!

Alternately, write down all the traits about your honey that you most admire and adore. Body parts, attitudes, behavior, facial expressions…and slip it in their coat pocket before they leave for work.

Set aside the time to just be together.
Put it in your schedule, in pen.
Spend it however you want, in the tub, playing Scrabble, giving backrubs, cooking.
Dedicated time, where both your attentions are on each other, promotes feeling of intimacy, connection, and passion.

Practice synchronizing your breathing. Sit on your bed facing each other, place a hand on each other’s breastplate, and close your eyes. Begin to match your inhales and exhales to each other. Once you’ve found your rhythm, you’ll feel a strong connection.

Last but not least, a highly effective connection-promoting exercise is to simply maintain eye-contact while you’re making love.