Numerology, Sexual Satori and Finding the Right Partner

Matching yourself with the right partner is vital to achieving full sexual compatibility. Yet, the search for

a suitable lover can be all-consuming. Short-circuit the romantic runaround through means of numerology. Whether you are struggling in a current romantic situation of dubious merit and you need clarity, or you require a fool-proof method to reliably vet out the duds in favour of the gems on your short-list of 'candidates of intimacy', or, you are perfectly happy in your pairing but you still want to exercise your right to curiosity, you need to attend this one evening workshop in the arcane. The information shared with you will be available for your ready use, forever.

Jan Roelof has immersed himself in the study of the 'underside of numbers' for 17 years, and counting. Not much is widely known about Numerology but that has never dissuaded him from delving deeply into this most intriguing and powerful avenue of esoteric study. Jan has taught the secret system of numbers to appreciative students through Metro College in Edmonton and private venues as well; here in Vancouver as well as his beloved adopted home town of Salmon Arm. A veteran of having performed numerous insightful and valued personal readings. Many people have come to respect his particular talent of insinuating himself directly at the truthful heart of any personal matter.

July 26, 2014 @ 7:30pm