Outdoor Sex

Why have sex outdoors? It’s messy, complicated, and you could get caught! The answer is simple: It’s messy, interesting, and you could get caught! Your senses are awakened as you can feel the

breeze, the grass, the cold stone wall behind you. The adrenaline rush is amazing and adds some power to your ride, ahem.

Now that summer is here, what better time to explore the wilderness in the wildest way! Here are some tips to make your al fresco experience as fabulous as possible.

Take a walk: Explore your territory. You might find the perfect spot by accident and take advantage of it then and there, which is awesome! But it might make things easier if you check for leaky paint cans or broken glass first.

Keep it quiet, but only for a while: Let’s face it, we’re outdoors and we want to be as animalistic as possible. However, the last thing you want is for your moment to be ruined before it even begins. Start quietly, and when you’re nearly where you want to be, let your vocal chords go! That way, if running away needs to happen, it can happen without interrupting anything.

Camping: A few things to take into consideration. Fluids are really tough to get out of camping gear. Consider bringing a blanket (possibly a Liberator Throe) to cover up your sleeping bags. If you’re in bear country, there is a lot of debate whether the smell of sex attracts animals. Keep this is mind, bring a double or triple bagged sealable plastic bag that you can dispose of at the end of your trip.

Water: Ok, it feels amazing for a million different reasons… But medically it might not be so hot. Water-born diseases are more than common and you are pretty much asking to be introducing them into your body. Consider maybe some foreplay in the water, then move out of the water and onto dry land to do the deed.

Sand: I really hate saying this, but there is no solution. Bring a blanket, or since you’re naked anyway throw your t-shirt on the sand before resting any body parts on it. It’s worth it, trust me.

Lastly, just be conscientious of your surroundings. You will get scratched, bruised, and maybe mosquito bitten. Then again, it could still be the best sex of your life! Oh, and depending on where in the world you are, you might want to check what is and isn't legal.