Pillow Love

For about 70% of women, clitoral stimulation is key in order to orgasm. That doesn’t mean we have to miss out on the penetration factor, unless of course, you’re just not a fan.

A great technique that will stimulate the clitoris during vaginal penetration with a toy is to tilt your dildo or vibrator to a downwards angle so that it is rubbing against your labia and clit, while still sliding into your pussy. For optimal stimulation, use a very flexible dildo.

Another option is to build a good pile of pillows that you can straddle comfortably, lay a towel down and straddle your dildo on your pillow pile. The pile of pillows should provide you with a nice base to push against as well as to wrap your legs around. This position is very similar to The Cowgirl, a G-Spot lovers’ favorite, it also leaves your hands free to explore and stimulate your clit. Definitely a winner all around.