Playing Dress up after Halloween

With Halloween sadly another year away, why not continue to play dress up at one of the sexy dress up parties in town? People often ask us what the

protocol is for dress for these events; so while they can differ in their restrictions, this Do and Do Not list seems to apply to most play parties and should give you a guideline for getting your alter ego together: 

Not Acceptable: Plain Jeans of any Type, Atheltic Wear, Plain Leather Jackets, Plain Breifs or Boxers, Plain T-Shirts of any Kind, Plain Suits or Work Clothes, Plain Cargo or Camo Shorts and No Effort? No Entry!

Acceptable: Vinyl, PVC, Rubber, Leather, Latex, Chaps, Authentic Kilt, Furry, Bondage, Straps, Fishnets, Mesh, Rope, Chain Mail, Armour, Cross Dress, Drag, Fetich Fantasy, Costume, Full Military Uniform, Kinky Period Outfit, Body Paint (lower genitals covered), Sex Kitten, and Fancy Lingerie.