Pleasure Delay

What can be more frustrating than having no sex? Having sex that is over before its really even started!

Men are most commonly blamed for this but it happens with women too. The delay method is great for sorting out this issue among partners and also adds another element to lovemaking.

The Delay Method aim to extend your lovemaking session as long as you can.
Begin  with some slow and sensual foreplay, touching and stroking all the sexy spots on each others bodies. Try a feather tickler across the nipples or gently roll a pinwheel down your lover’s butt and thighs until your arousal is, shall we say, juicy.

As the foreplay is revved up, be aware of signs of high arousal such as short faster breathing, muscles tensing and engorgement of genitals. If you think your lover is on the edge of orgasm, stop all stimulation/contact completely and just chill out for a few moments until both of your arousal levels are back down. And then resume.

Repeat this a few times and push each other closer each time. Go ahead and move on to penetration, if you haven’t already, but always try and remember to slow it down before either of you goes over the point of no return.