Polyamory in Court

A BC Supreme Court case that is much in the news these days, concerning polygamous sects in rural BC, also affects much more mainstream urban folks who chose to live together as romantic threesomes (or foursomes).

The law that prohibits the pre-modern patriarchal practice of a dominant man having several wives, also prohibits the post-modern practice of polyamory: such as a woman living with two male partners, or a gay or lesbian live-in threesome, or an egalitarian man living with two equally powerful women partners.

The law enacted in the 1800s is written so broadly that it prohibits entirely egalitarian, consensual loving families as well as the patriarchal cultists in Bountiful.

The Canadian polyamory community is participating in the case to argue that the existing law must be struck down in favor of a new law that would target only demonstrably harmful patriarchal group marriage. Everyone else should be allowed to live with as many lovers as they choose.

The Art of Loving co-owner and lawyer John Ince is representing the polyamory community in the case. CBC.ca and many other news organizations are live-streaming the closing submissions. Watch for John’s presentation April 12.