Position Decision

We all have our favourite sex positions: reverse cowgirl, ballerina, doggy-style, book ends, missionary, Fire Hydrant (figure *that* one out!) and so on. It’s hard to figure out what works for you and your

partner, especially when it’s a new partner! I’ve put together a little guide of easy, non-acrobatic positions for different types of stimulation. It’s always a good idea to have a fully-clothed practice run before you really get into it. That way, when you’re ripping each other’s clothes off, you won’t have to deal with the stress of trying to figure out whether or not you’re the gymnast you thought you were!

G-Spot stimulation

1) Partner A (the one with the penis or dildo) lies flat on his back. Partner B (the one with the g-spot) either sits or crouches on top facing Partner A and leans back so that the penis/dildo is in shallowly and can bump and put pressure directly on the g-spot. Partner B, feel free to move your legs forward to gain more control.

2) Partner A (again with the penis or dil) is standing behind Partner B (with the g-spot) who is leaning forward on a bed or other piece of furniture. Partner B lifts a leg (like she is stretching her knee) that partner A can hold on to and lift even further. This gives partner A a lot of control and makes it easier to aim for the right spot!

Manual/Sex Toy Stimulation

1) The easiest one is when the partner with the penis or dil is behind the partner who wants the extra stimulation and reaches around with his/her hands with/without a toy. See? Easy peasy.

2) Partner A (with penis or dil) either lies flat on his/her back or is sitting at an angle, maybe leaning on a pillow. Partner B is sitting on Partner A and facing Partner A’s feet. That way, partner B can stimulate him/herself OR be stimulated by Partner A with the option of partner C: your favourite sex toy!


1) I don’t know why but this one’s called the “Plumber”. Something about checking pipes? Anyway, this is an easy one for oral sex on a man. The Partner giving is lying flat on his/her back towards the end of the bed (or wherever) and the Partner receiving is high up on his hands and knees aiming his “tool” as deep or shallow as he’d like. This is a great one to give the receiver complete control. It also leaves the giver’s hands completely free for some extra fondling.

2) A great way to give a woman on the receiving end of oral sex total control is if her giver is sitting on the floor looking up. The lucky lady is standing over the giver with one leg up on a piece of furniture. This gives her the ability to bend her knees and get closer or go on her tippy toes and tease herself with light touch. She can also use her hands from this position to stimulate herself further, or balance herself by grabbing on to either the furniture or her partner.