Positively Playful!

Confidence in yourself, as well as in your sexuality, is the path to greater sexual happiness! At The Art of Loving, we’ll be the first to encourage self-praise! Worrying about performance, or how you look in certain lighting, or whether you shaved your legs… these and other such nagging thoughts will ultimately hold you back in bed. So let them go and open yourself up to pleasure and exploration!

Both your personal pleasure and your honey’s enjoyment will be dramatically improved by letting go of all those irksome thoughts about performance and appearance. Such concerns lead only to hesitance with your body, and subsequently with your partner’s. Shaking yourself free of this gloomy mentality will liberate your sex life!

Women and men alike find their lover’s self-assurance to be their biggest turn-on. Not only will your lover respond to your confidence, but to your sense of adventure. So, even if you’re trying something new, go for it with zeal and desire. Bold gestures and an explorative attitude are sure to make your lovemaking a hit!