Power of Touch

The power of touching, cuddling, and massage should never be under estimated. No one wants to be labeled as the creepy overly touchy feely guy/gal, but if you’re in a relationship, lengthy or new,

it’s important to have lots of skin on skin contact.

Learn how to give your lover an incredible erotic massage from head to toe. If you’re not sure where to start there are some great books out there to help.

Hold hands, even if it seems like the timing might not be great. If you’re having an argument, reach for your partner’s hand and remind them that you still care and you still want to be intimate, despite the current quarrel.

Watch a DVD together, either erotica or instructional, and imitate the character’s methods of touching. If you’re watching a how-to DVD on massage, practice your skills while you’re watching.

If you’re single and on the prowl, a hand on someone’s shoulder or elbow when you’re chatting and looking into their eyes is a sure way of getting noticed.