Private Seminar Parties

Vancouver Bachelorette brings the party to your location or join us at our 369  Broadway W store location.  The store will be closed to the public, bring some drinks, be surrounded by erotic art during your event and soak up the sassy vibe here.

Seminar parties are generally 2 hours long but can be adapted to meet your time frames.  We can also split the evening up and offer one hour of Good Head info and one hour of Great Orgasm info.  The seminar presenter will offer you information in a fun, informal and informative way.  You will definately have some new tricks to try after one of our seminars and there is always something for everybody to learn no matter what your experience level.

We also educate on all the related erotic products relevant to the topic and pass them around during seminars, Knowledge is power and our goal is to offer you as much as we can during our presentations.  

Seminar descriptions: