Quirky Valentine

Love it or hate it, it’s-a-comin’! Valentine’s Day is at our doorstep and we think it’s time you mix it up a little in the planning department. Don’t let your local grocery store lure you in with giant

heart balloons and bouquets of roses. Balloons will deflate and roses will wither. We suggest, of course, keeping your Valentine’s Day sexy and fun, whether you’re single, coupled, quadrupled, whatever. Here are five ideas to help you plan!

One. Sign up to our Creative Kissing Class and spend the next week making out with newly acquired skills.
Two. Plan a shopping day for Feb.15th with your partner or some friends and take advantage of discounted chocolates and candy. Always wanted a teddy bear holding a heart but never gave in to the temptation because you recognize that you’re an adult? Here is a perfect opportunity!
Three. Instead of going out to a restaurant or having a picnic on your couch, host a party for your friends! Rent a karaoke machine and force your unexpecting friends into cheesy duets and slow dances.
Four. Plan an entire day or evening of sensuality for you and your partner. When you say “Honey, can I strap you into that new 5-point harness and gag you tonight?” your partner is really hearing “Honey, I love you so so so much!”.
Five. If you plan on purchasing a gift, make it a sexy one! A new vibe, a scented massage oil (along with a nice massage of course!), a toy that you can use together.