Read My Lips

How do you use words to arouse your partner? Do you? Turn on your partner by communicating your desire in stereo. There

are endless possibilities for how to translate your desire to your partner in new and exciting ways. Try a well-timed appreciation of your partner’s technique or compliment of how they smell, look, or taste. If you don’t curse, this could be a fun way to ratchet things up. Hearing someone use the word ‘fuck’, for instance can be all it takes to make mediocre sex exciting and raw. Or if you don’t usually take the initiative, become a director: Tell your partner exactly what you would like, in detail or simply describe what they are doing at that moment that is really turning you on. Reading a hot passage of erotica together can be great foreplay and often gives people the courage to play at being more vocal, too. If people are seriously shy about any of this, it can help to get practice by being more vocal when masturbating – moan or describe your fantasies aloud to yourself!