Relax Into the Season

After the hustle and bustle of the fall season, back to school, Halloween… it’s time to relax. Create a calm, soothing environment in your bedroom, bathroom, or living room. Keeping in mind all of your senses while you do so!

Colour and brightness can really affect our mood. You can accommodate your eyesight by dimming the lights or you could even buy softer or coloured light bulbs! Give your nostrils something to focus on! Using lightly scented candles like our Lava Lotion Massage Oil Candles and scented silk rose petals, you can make any room smell amazing and welcoming. Using the same scented oil candle, give your partner a relaxing massage to remember and they’ll be just as keen to return the favour! You can also stimulate your pallet with our Kama Sutra body soufflés. Having a good quality product that won’t drip and doesn’t get sticky will make the experience more pleasurable and stress-free. For the final touch, have some soft music of your choice playing in the background. Maybe pop in a romantic or erotic video for added inspiration.

The benefits of feeling relaxed are endless! You’ll want to take your time, you’ll feel confident, your muscles won’t tense up, you’ll have better control over your orgasms and most importantly… you and your partner will be all smiles before, during, and after your love making session!