Role Playing

The benefits of practicing role playing with your partner include building trust and helping you expand each others boundaries. These fantasies can assist in finding new ways to drive each other wild while you step away from the stresses and responsibilities of daily life in addition to being and fun way to spice things up and enjoy your partner in a whole different way.

Like with all other great sexual experiences, communication is the key to comfortable enjoyment of role playing. First, choose a scenario that excites both you and your partner - the only limit is your imagination. Pick characters and story lines that are easy (in more ways than one), familiar and exciting. Simple is often best, avoiding scenarios that require a huge amount of work, but be adventurous. Build up the intensity and anticipation by talking about your fantasy and all the things you want to do with eachother. Do this over the telephone, e-mail, a voice messages or whisper to them in person over a few days to give your imaginations some time to really play with the fantasy.

Below are some examples of scenes that you can finish or have fun in creating your own.

Stripper/audience member
The lights are low, the music is on and you're performing a sultry and sensual dance showing off what appear to be all of your moves. Driven by passion, the patron is unable to resist you any longer and they approach you after your show with an offer of an obscene amount of money to be their private dancer. You give them a show worth every penny, saving all of your best moves for last. It looks like you'll be on the permanent payroll from now on...

All you want is for them is to notice the efforts you put in at work. You crave approval and praise for a job well done. You've noticed the way the boss sometimes looks at you and how it makes you feel deep inside.
Your face flushes as you think about those looks and you take every opportunity to get close enough for contact – the brush of an arm or their knee up bumping up against yours. You used to look away when their eyes met yours, but now you now you gaze directly into theirs, wetting your lips and saying to yourself: "just give me a chance to prove myself - you won’t be disappointed". Your reward is a job well done and perhaps a promotion, maybe even a rise, ooops - raise!

Teacher and student
You're far from teacher's pet: always coming to class late, forgetting your books or talking out of turn. The teacher has tried everything in hopes of better behavior, but to no avail - it appears the next step is the employment of harsher methods to rectify your naughty behavior - perhaps the application of some well-deserved discipline to your seat of learning. From the look in the teacher’s eye you know they are going to really enjoy teaching you this lesson, but the joke is on them, as you would like nothing more than have your teacher all to yourself, alone in the class room to show them how naughty you can really be...

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