Scarlet Road

With more than 100 films and 76 screenings (in 5 different venues), 6 world premieres and the first ever digital interactive film to open the festival, DOXA 2012 is bigger and better than ever. Catch the documentary Scarlet Road.

Rachel Wotton is not your typical sex worker. Catherine Scott’s doc is one to change your perspective on the much-maligned sex trade. An advocate for the decriminalization and de-stigmatization of the sex industry, Rachel works with a large client base in the disabled community and is a graduate student to boot. She’s a social revolutionary, and her message of progressive compassion is very convincing. The film is both intimate and political, following Rachel at school, advocating in public on behalf of her profession, and, most movingly, with her many disabled clients. Scarlet Road shows Rachel performing acts of radical compassion and poignant intimacy.