School Shmool!

Okay okay – I know that none of us are ready to accept September’s arrival with open arms just yet. We didn’t have the best weather this summer and it all seemed to have whooshed by us like a

hurricane. But here we are approaching autumn once again.

No matter how much we complain, we’re never surprised to see the reoccurring “Back to School” theme in the media. We hear about textbooks, lectures, notebooks, pencils, and stationary. Unless you’ve got Indiana Jones as a professor, chances are you’re not feeling too sexy in the classroom, but learning doesn’t have to be boring. Especially when what you’re learning about is sex!

Here at The Art of Loving, we feel that the best way to learn is to experience. Although we do carry a wide range of fantastic books, we also cart a varied selection of educational DVDs that actually feature more than just talking heads. Want to learn how to give a great erotic massage? See how it’s done on real people. We have a choice of series that include different actors, real-life couples and experienced sex educators.

If you’re not the type to want to sit in front of a television or computer screen, why not learn in person? We regularly have educational seminars  on all sorts of sexy subjects. Some of these seminars feature a live demonstration on a model so that you can experience what you’re learning.

Sex is a skill. We all experience a lot of changes and new relationships during this time of year so there is no better time to explore our sexuality in whatever fashion suits us best.