Sensation Play

A change in temperature will stimulate and excite nerves.

When external conditions don’t change, your nerves will relax and become desensitized, operating on low drive because nothing is changing. When you alter the temperature, you stimulate the nerves, keeping them awake and increasing sensitivity.

You can use a wide assortment of things to accomplish this: suck nipples with ice in your mouth and then take a drink of hot chocolate (or any other warm beverage) and suck on the nipples again.  Take turns alternating sensations.  

Or pour a cool glass of chardonnay down your naked partner’s chest, into their belly button, then lap it with a freshly warmed mouth (tea or hot apple cider).

Tease your partner with a stainless steel dildo (such as Njoy’s “Fun Wand”) that you’ve kept in the fridge or perhaps a Pyrex glass dildo (Love Styles “Licorice Pop”) that’s been in a bowl of warm water or heating pad! Try these on different parts of the body, blindfold your partner and try surprising them.

Be cautious not to cause serious discomfort, things such as frozen toys (glass and stainless) probably not a great idea for penetration (think labia stuck to popsicle), same goes for boiling hot things.  Another thing to keep in mind is sugar content when nearing the vagina. Although sugar and pussy seems like a good a combination, they are in fact not a good mix at all, unless you are a fan of yeast infections.
When you are just starting out with temperature play, be sure and ask your partner for feedback as you go.  Happy playing!