Sex and Marriage

Marriage and sex. It sounds so unlikely when paired together, much like peanut butter and mustard. So, we might ask, is there sex after marriage? If so, has it become the routine, white picket fence, left next to the laundry hamper kind, that leave us unmarried folks running for the hills. Or are you both still hot and lusty for each other? If the latter is true, and I hope it is, how do you keep it fresh? There’s always the basics: Love, trust and respect; although sometimes that just isn’t enough.

When I typed “Sex and Marriage” into Google, about 3, 850, 000 results were given to me. I scanned through the first 10 and found that a lot of the “Sex Secrets” involved seeing doctor, counselor/therapist, exercise, penis/clit pumps, gene therapy, nose spray, hormone gels and a variety of other drugs designed to increase ones blood flow to their genitals. One suggestion really struck me: “Kick the TV out of your bedroom” quoted by Serenella Salomoni, an Italian Sexologist. I whole heartedly agree! TV is mind numbing and when popular belief says that your mind is the best aphrodisiac, wouldn’t it be common sense to not “numb” it out? I’m going to go with Yes!

Just because you’re married doesn’t mean good sex needs to fall under the “boring” category, that mind set in itself is a good thought to keep in mind. For further inspiration, I went to the people. I work in the Art of Loving with many customers, so I found it fitting to ask the question: “What can you do to keep it hot or at least interesting?”
Here’s what they came up with:

-Change the linens
Refresh your bedroom, just like when you were single and a new lover was coming over for a first time romp. Pillowcases, sheets and blankets should all be freshly washed. Put the extra effort into tidying up the room, making it smell nice and making the bed.

-Try the back door
Something you’ve maybe thought about but never actually followed through with. Start with a simple rosebud massage and work towards something more adventurous, if you’re both up for it.

-Make a list
All the things you find sexy, beautiful and absolutely adore about your partner- What first attracted you to your partner? Write about it and take some time to share.

-Have some “Me” time
It may seem counterproductive, but seriously, take your fine self on a date. And LOVE it! Spoil yourself rotten- Could be a nice dinner at your favorite restaurant, a movie and sweets or some sexy one on one time with yourself and possibly a favorite toy. You will feel fabulous and your partner will surely notice. If you take the time to love yourself, others are sure to follow.

101 Nights of Grrreat Sex-Play
Try out a sexy board game (We sell them!) or a book that encourages variety such as “101 Nights of Great Romance/Sex”.

-Pump it up!
It was mentioned more than once in the Google results as being a proven way of raising ones libido. So go for it! Get outside for a brisk walk (together or alone), some yoga, a swim, a jog, soccer or whatever your heart desires. Just make sure your heart rate is elevated and maybe even break a sweat, exercise raises your natural pheromones making you even more desirable.