Sex Positive Conference

Sex Positive Conference Coming to Vancouver
Kale, Wendy and Diane invite you to a new kind of meeting, one being held for the first time in

Vancouver. ConvergeCon, April 7-9, 2017, promises to create a radically inclusive safe space for conversation around sexuality and interpersonal relationships.
“We want to bring together people from all walks of life who wouldn’t normally have the chance to meet each other and share ideas,” says Kale Gōsen, vlogger, creator of the website, and Co-Founder of ConvergeCon.
With Pre-Cons like ‘Badass in the Bedroom’ and ‘How to Host your own Kick-Ass Play Party’ and a conference keynote from UBC Professor Carrie Jenkins, author of “What Love Is and What It Could Be,” the enthusiast will feel just as comfortable in this space as the academic participant.
Having attended CatalystCon in the US for the last several years, Kale feels it is time to bring this type of conference north of the border so Canadians, too, have access to a gathering of like minds around sex, love, and diversity. ConvergeCon will be intimate, with opportunity for meaningful discourse in a conference setting that should spark to the activist in each of us.