Sex Tip - Chore Play

This is possibly the BEST sex tip that can be offered to a man, increasing the amount of sex and respect that he will receive, and you don't even have to get naked! Chore-play! In a recent article by Misty Harris, I read that the more chores a guy does, the more sex he will receive. This is actually proven! Watching a man do housework can be as potent an aphrodisiac as eating oysters or watching a George Clooney movie. In a poll of 1,300 moms, Parenting Magazine found 15 per cent were wooed into the mood by "choreplay" -- that is, seeing their partner pitch in around the house. In simplest terms, women give kisses to men who do dishes. The studies show that if a guy increases the amount of housework he does by 30% the amount of sex he’s having will increase by 50%, now what guy can refuse that? If you are thinking, “I give her flowers, and leave love notes”, that is all well and good, and I am certainly not going to encourage you to stop doing that, but the effect of pitching in around the house will overshadow any material gift you can think to give. Not only does the visual of you helping out stoke her fire, the reality is that you are taking some of the load off her back and your honey can use the unused cleaning energy in much more fun and beneficial (to you) ways! Largely the reason that this is so effective on women is because they see it as respect for them, and as a demonstration of love for them. The number of women aroused by Chore-play is enough to support the making of a calendar and a book called “Porn for Women”, every page depicting men at work in the home. The female equivalent of the male ‘nudie’ magazine! I promise you guys, the road to more sex, is one you clean yourself!